FreeFall Tournament

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FreeFall Tournament is a space marines themed TPS (third person shooter).

Intense, fast-paced, team combat. Animation, effects, and camera control that make you feel like a true space marine…super human. Have it all: jetpacks, armor, hammers, swords, guns, bombs, in melee, ranged, and aerial combat. Tanks smashing with hammers, deadly Scouts slashing their enemies down the middle with their katana, Gunners sniping from across the map, and Tech healing and dueling while laying down turrets. Or try out the whole selection of specialized classes.  Even throw f-bombs! All class specific jetpacks allow you to hop and bound across the map gaining momentum and speed, as well as dynamic aerial combat,

Your teams combined skill and coordination determine the winner of this tournament. Choose to fight as one of a growing cast of classes battling in 10-20 minute matches. It is a free-to-play browser game in beta. Please try it out, it’s not like other shooters.

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