Free Range Games is a 40+ person team that has worked together for the better part of two decades and has launched titles like Tony Hawk, Spider-man, Shrek, and Lord of the Rings. In late 2009, we started Free Range Games to bring video game quality to mobile and web by leveraging the latest wave of game engines and middleware and keeping our focus on gameplay and fun. We’ve developed Patterns, a world construction game; FreeFall Tournament, a third person shooter; and many mobile titles. Since that time, we’ve shifted to new technologies, like streaming games and XR, while also going back to high quality console and PC.


If interested, apply to one of the positions below. Please understand that we cannot get back to everybody.
If you do not see an opening posted below, chances are we will not respond.

Senior 3d Modeller / Layout Artist (Unreal)
Location - Sausalito, CA

You are able to quickly understand custom tool sets and deliver assets within the confines of real-time engine constraints and gameplay requirements. You can work  independently or in cooperation with layout designers and other artists. You demonstrate strong artistic interpretation skills. Unreal Engine experience is an important aspect of this position.



  • Experience Level: 5+ years as a game environment artist with at least one year of Unreal experience
  • Strong artistic interpretative ability within the context of a particular art style and gameplay
  • Efficient organization and communication skills and ability to prioritize and execute ideas within a schedule
  • Excellent technical and artistic problem solving
  • Strong modeling and texturing skills and an excellent sense of spatial relations and structural logic
  • Software: Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush or equivalent
  • plus - Strong architecture or traditional art background
  • plus - Lighting or cinematography experience
  • plus - Any other game related art or design experience (FX, scripting, etc)
  • Links to the titles you worked on with a description of which features you owned
Senior Tech Designer (Unreal)
Location - Sausalito, CA

You will help design our weapon mechanics, level layout, and cinematic authoring process in blueprint for a new AAA console/PC title. Then you will create amazing content demonstrating to the design team how its done. Please include links to your projects with an explanation of which parts you owned and/or worked on.

  • Shipped a quality title in Unreal in the last 5 years
  • Strong opinions about what goes in Blueprint and what in cpp
  • Voodoo knowledge of UE4
  • 5+ years working on mid-sized to large teams
  • Broad knowledge of current action games
  • Ability to teach new concepts to others
  • Ability to translate creative director-speak into actionable tech tasks
  • Plus - experience leading design teams
Senior Engineer (Unreal)
Location - Sausalito, CA

You will help jump start our transition to Unreal for AAA console games. You should have deep experience or specialty in at least one area, and strong working knowledge of all client systems — graphics, ai, physics, animation, game rules, audio, ui, i/o, and tools. You should have strong opinions about what goes in cpp and what goes in blue print. You should be able to communicate the “right” way to do things in Unreal to the team.



  • Shipped a high quality Unreal project in the last 5 years
  • Voodoo knowledge of UE4
  • 5+ years of games or simulation experience in C++ or C#
  • Experience on mid- to large teams
  • Plus - broad knowledge and passion of current gen shooting games
  • Links to the titles you worked on with a description of which features you owned
Character Technical Artist
Location - Sausalito


  • Create high quality characters for use in Unreal Engine. Assets include high/low poly models, clean uv layouts, baked textures, complete character rigs, and excellent documentation.
  • Work closely with the concept, tech art, and animation teams.
  • Define and oversee the character creation pipeline, ensuring consistency of aesthetic quality and game performance.
  • Additional duties include assisting with content creation for game development and assisting with quality control of all products.

Please include reel and/or portfolio and point out which of the work is yours

  • 3+ years experience developing characters in Unreal Engine.
  • Excellent high/low poly modeling; skilled in optimization and baking normal maps from high poly models.
  • Good working knowledge of character animator needs for created assets.
  • Portfolio or reel, including a detailed breakdown of your work in each section
  • Plus - Ability to create photo-realistic textures and materials, with a working knowledge of Substance Painter/Designer
  • Plus - Experience writing pipeline tools/scripts in Maya, Substance, or Unreal
Technical Artist
Location - Sausalito, CA


  • Apply a broad range of skills to ensure art assets translate properly into Unreal.
  • Develop scripts/tools that will increase productivity and ensure a consistent pipeline for art assets. 
  • Use profiling tools to diagnose in-game performance issues and identify how to optimize scenes to run at target frame-rates. 
  • To be successful in this role, you must be a collaborative problem solver, quick learner, curious and have a strong understanding of Unreal Engine.  

Please include portfolio and/or reel, including a detailed breakdown of your work in each section

  • 5+ years experience as a technical artist (or equivalent capacity) in 3D games, simulators, or other high-performance real time systems. At least 3 years in Unreal Engine specifically.
  • Experience with scripting, workflows, asset assemblies and asset management.
  • Proven experience creating mel, python, etc scripts to streamline content creation and level authoring processes
  • Bonus - Strong plug-in writing skills or understanding of C++ in a UE4 environment is a plus.
  • Bonus - Experience with real- time VFX, Houdini, and procedural asset creation
Visual Effects Artist
Location - Sausalito, CA

Free Range Games is working on a number of titles requiring high end visual effects. We are looking for either a contractor over the next several months, or someone full time. Candidates should have a portfolio that includes AAA vfx. Experience with Unity would be ideal. Experience with Unreal good too. We are looking for an artist that understand shaders, even if they don’t write them, and can create effects beyond stacking particles, but using more modern screen and single pass techniques.

Please send a link to your portfolio.

  • Experience / Skill with modern particle effects systems
  • Ability to work with graphics engineers and technical artists to push AAA, yet performant, visual effects to the limit
  • Mastery of Maya and/or 3d Max
  • Modelling, texturing, traditional art skills also required
Junior Engineer – Game Generalist
Location - Sausalito, CA

Develop Gameplay Features. We have a dozen products in development including a high end console shooter, a high profile music game, VR training simulators, VR sports games, mobile games, as well as Spell Drifter, our CCG/RPG. We need someone who can jump into multiple products and help make them great.


  • Working with design / production teams to implement game features / user stories
  • Self management and initiative to improve the quality of games and products
  • Integrating audio and graphical assets into games
  • Iterating on content until the Fun is found


  • C#/ C++
  • Degree in Comp Sci/Math or similar
  • Solid math and algorithm skills
  • Ability to communicate with team, test, and production constantly
  • Gamer, full of game ideas
  • XP in Unity / Unreal a big plus
  • Cool / Laid back
QA Tester
Location - Sausalito, CA

Free Range Games is looking for diligent, motivated individuals to join our QA team. Our ideal candidate is a team player with strong communication skills and the ability to work easily with other Testers, Engineers, and Designers. 

We need organized, perceptive testers who can find bugs and help us make our work better. If you love playing games and would like to contribute to our industry, there could be a spot for you on our team.


  • Collaborate with designers and engineers to test, identify bugs, and polish their work
  • Contribute to and help maintain a project Bug Database
  • Ensure that our games meet our internal/external quality goals
  • Verify bug fixes and monitor active/live issues
  • Maintain the overall quality of products
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work within deadlines
  • Professional demeanor with a team-focused attitude
  • Passion for video games
  • Energetic, reliable, and self-motivated
  • Intense attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal, problem solving and analytical skills
  • Capacity to multitask and prioritize
  • Extensive experience playing games
  • High School degree or equivalent