Free Range Games is a 25+ person team that has worked together for the better part of a decade and has launched titles like Tony Hawk, Spider-man, Shrek, and Lord of the Rings. In late 2009, we started Free Range Games to bring video game quality to mobile and web by leveraging the latest wave of game engines and middleware and keeping our focus on gameplay and fun. We’ve developed Patterns, a world construction game; FreeFall Tournament, a third person shooter; and many mobile titles.


If interested, apply to one of the positions below. Please understand that we cannot get back to everybody.
If you do not see an opening posted below, chances are we will not respond.

Coder for VR Simulation
Location - Sausalito, CA

We are looking for a coder who knows his 3d maths and physics to work on VR simulations. We are not open to remote work for this position because of the hardware involved. To apply, email jobs@freerangegames with your resume, links to any relevant projects, and your linkedIn(optional)

* Write prototype code fast
* Adjust physics/mechanics models for human scale VR
* Get pulled on to other game/enterprise projects at a moment’s notice
* Play VR games. Be a gamer

* simulation / game development experience
* self-driven, good communicator
* Intimate knowledge of a C language
* Matrix math, Vector math, Linear Algebra, simulation physics

* Experience with Unity, C#
* Experience with PhysX
* 3d projects shipped