Smash the Blocks

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Also known as Blocks Party published by Green Throttle.  Ball vs. Blocks. Roll, jump, and smash your way through fantastic realms to save imprisoned buddies.

Simple controls make it easy for kids to pick up and play with layers of added depth to make it fun for people of all ages. An adorable cast of characters and addictive gameplay make this game a must have for the whole family.

In Smash the Blocks, your little buddies have been imprisoned by the Blocks and it is up to you, Ball Guy, to free them. Roll, run, jump, and smash your way through different and unique realms. Knock Blocks into other Blocks to cause chain reactions and rack up points to dominate the leaderboards. Beat the clock and beat your friends.  Collect power-ups to give you the edge needed to attain new heights of gameplay and reach the finish before time expires.

Blocks Party is compatible with Green Throttle when run on Android OS devices. Play it on the big screen with true analog Atlas controllers. Supports split-screen multiplayer game play too!

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